Time to get re-inspired 📷
Back to beautiful Florida lighting 😍☀️ #CBuddPhotography
📍Egypt #CBuddPhotography
Istanbul, Turkey. 

Women prepare a feast for their families in a public park #CBuddPhotography
Broseph 💚
Pyramid of Menkaure
Cairo, Egypt #CBuddPhotography
Port of Denia, Spain.

What a beautiful place to spend the day #CBuddPhotography
Oliva, Spain. 

Can we talk about how gorgeously green the Mediterranean Sea is? I remember staring off into the water just mesmerized. #CBuddPhotography
Olivia, Spain. 

The lighting of this sunset was nothing like I had seen before. Definitely a challenge to really capture the essence of the scenery, but this photo does it the most justice. Breathtaking atmosphere, for sure.
DIRTY JERZ! I’M HOME! Who needs some photos done?! I’ll be here until the 20th.
Can’t believe this was our last & final “editor shoot” of The Minaret, going to miss you so much Jess!
Woke up to get some photos of the #BloodMoon #CBuddPhotography
Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back & realize how beautiful your surroundings are.. #CBuddPhotography
So many awesome photos to show off from the shoot I did with the gorgeous Kai Miller @soul_lei - go check out the rest on my Facebook photography page: “Casey Budd Photography”. 

March 2014 #CBuddPhotography
Kai Miller @soul_lei - March 2014 #CBuddPhotography
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